Language of flowers

The language of flowers is a modern approach to communication with a free interpretation of meanings and a desire to have fun. Don't hesitate to choose a bouquet with symbolic colors and flowers.

The vast vocabulary of flowers can express feelings for hundreds of occasions. Indeed; celebrate an anniversary by giving the lucky couple a bouquet of red and white roses, symbolizing "love" and "unity" respectively. This bouquet can be mixed with greenery that both communicate "devotion".

Also you can thank a friend with a bouquet of lilies and roses, expressing "gratitude", and some orchard daisy, which means "Thank you".

For example, our Casablanca florists can create bouquets by choosing half a dozen roses mixed with other garden flowers and florists' favorites in combinations that are pleasing to the eye and the heart.

The colors 

White is a color that translates into abundant loving thoughts in arrangements perfect for a bridal shower or engagement party or a gift to someone you love.

Bright colors bring a sense of extreme joy, your floral arrangements come from colorful roses (red, orange, yellow, fuchsia, white, pink ....), or a mix of lilies, gerberas and colorful roses with a touch of greenery....

The color pink has always been adopted by mothers and young girls. This feminine color is very much used for mother's day, birthdays or to celebrate the birth of little princesses. A bouquet of pink roses and pink gerberas or pink flowers with a simple touch of white.

Red is the color most used to express love and passion. The red rose produces a dramatic glow against the green. It is the primary choice on Valentine's Day and for any declaration of love. A bouquet of 12 long-stemmed red roses held together with floral ribbon and greenery will make a statement to the recipient.

Yellow is a color that celebrates accomplishment. Large yellow roses with a touch of green in an unexpected way and the perfect soft tone to celebrate the birth of a baby or congratulate a young person on their graduation, engagement or wedding.

The color blue and purple is very well known for being an ideal setting for a bouquet that expresses sympathy.