How to get flowers for your mom for Mother's Day

Show your mom how much you love and appreciate her by giving her flowers on Mother's Day. Start by choosing the type of flowers and colors you want to include. Then, order your flowers online.

Steps :

1/ Decide on the type and colors for your bouquet and accessories. Popular Mother's Day colors are pink, purple, red, orange and yellow. Add some white or green flowers to your arrangement for extra color.

Choose a bouquet of Mom's favorite flowers. If you're not sure of her favorites, select flowers from our special Mother's Day selection

Choose flowers based on mom's favorites, such as roses, gerberas, lilies and orchids, if in doubt, choose our florist bouquet, the local florist will make a lovely arrangement of her choice suitable for the occasion.

2/ Decide on the size of your bouquet. You can choose the size of your bouquet based on what you think your mom will love. Options include "Cute, Classic and Beautiful" or by quantity of roses.

Set a budget for your bouquet. Indeed, the price of floral arrangements changes according to the size of the bouquet and the quantity of roses selected

3/ Don't forget to include other gifts, such as chocolate, stuffed animals, a vase that matches your mother's style and matches your flowers or a fruit basket

4/ Take advantage of our promo code « FLORA10 », a 10% discount on our site on the occasion of Mother's Day

5/ Fill out your online order form Include the correct name, shipping address, phone number to use for delivery.

Put your heartfelt message, tell her how much you appreciate and love your mother. Say something like, "Happy Mother's Day! Where would I be without you? I appreciate you today and always," or "Happy Mother's Day to the best mom! "

Plan your delivery, so that the flowers arrive on the morning of Mother's Day and complete your order by paying with your Paypal account

If not, you can ask for help from an online agent to guide you to finalize your order in case of difficulty

Result :

Your mom will be very happy to receive the flowers on Mother's Day with this small intention that is very big in the eyes of moms.